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What are people saying about the Success System?

"I have been to many marketing seminars, but this one was by far the best. Kristina's energy is contagious. Thank you for your insights!"

Karolyn Vreeland Blume

"Kristina Haymes has assembled a unique and valuable package for any conflict resolution specialist at any career stage. The Action Plan materials are well written and encouraging. They easily draw practice marketing approaches from somewhere inside you. Kristina is a great coach. But because she draws your own best ideas out, the ideas fit you and are therefore much more likely to be implemented and work for you. The CDs are terrific, and really help the personal reflection process necessary to design your own unique and successful mediation business plan."

Jim Musgrave, Q.C.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CAN

“Kristina Haymes has allowed me to listen to some of the best mediators in the country talk about the field of mediation and how they built their practice. Her CD’s are well worth the price”

Richard Morley Barron
Flushing, MI

"I thoroughly enjoyed the marketing workshop which you presented at  the 6th annual conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution.  I found your practical tips and demonstrated successe stories invaluable in my efforts to take my mediation practice to the next level."

LaVon Stennis Williams, CEO
Choice Mediation

“The CDs contained in Kristina Haymes' Mediation Business and Marketing Success System contains a wealth of practical knowledge and advice that is easy to listen to, captures your attention and is greatly informative… listening to these experts sharing their candid experiences and advice is really a must for those desiring to step foot into the field of mediation. Who and what better to look to for wisdom and guidance than the gurus of mediation and their experiences?”

Talin Bahadarian
Pasadena, CA

“These interviews were compelling indeed. I didn’t want any of them to end and comforted myself by imagining how nice it would be to sit down with any of these four folks, have a good cup of java, and talk shop. I started my audio journey wondering how much helpful information there would be for practitioners who’ve been in the field for a while and have a part-time or occasional practice already. I walked away with clarity that there’s quality information in these interviews for both new and experienced practitioners who want to grow their ADR practices."

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Now, you can easily learn…

“How to Attract All the Well-Paying Mediation Clients and Referrals You’ll Ever Need and Build Your Dream Practice, Even if You Hate the Idea of Having to Market Yourself.”

Dear Friend,

It doesn’t matter how great of a mediator you are; how wonderful your service is—if you don’t have clients, all you have is a skill… and no cash flow. You see, most mediators are good at what they do… but they’re not necessarily good at getting clients and referrals.

That’s where I come in. My name is Kristina Haymes, MA, JD. Besides running my own mediation practice, I also coach other mediators on how to make attracting well-paying clients and referrals a breeze… even if “marketing” is not your strong suit.

Like me, you feel “called” into the field of mediation and conflict resolution. And, like me, you’ve probably wondered about how to build a successful practice? I can help.

A bona-fide “short-cut” to mediation business success…

Jumpstart your success by clicking here because the world needs you

Several years ago, I heard a story about a man named Kaufmeyer. He’d spent his entire life of 54 years studying success. He put everything he learned in four books, each containing 250 principles of success—a thousand principles in all. The books sold more than 20 million copies all over the world in every language.

He was asked, “Of all these thousand principles that you’ve discovered in your lifetime, what’s the most important principle of success?” Without hesitation, he replied:

“The Most Important Principle Of Success
Is To Learn From The Experts”

“You’ll never live long enough to figure it all out yourself. You must learn from others who have already learned. You must piggy back on the knowledge of others, which is exactly the principle of cause and effect, is find out what others have done and do the same thing.”

Profound. Think about it… What if you could somehow roundup a hand picked group of expert mediators—some of the most successful across the United States and Canada—and convince them to reveal their secret practice building strategies to you, including:

  • How you can build your own successful mediation practice,
  • How to go about developing business,
  • What works best and what doesn’t work,
  • Key lessons they’ve learned on the journey,
  • How you can avoid the mistakes they’ve made
  • What it really takes to be successful
  • The special talents/skills that contribute to high levels of success
  • The hot trends in the field and how it may evolve over the next 10 years
  • What if you could ask them what advice they would give you today to build a successful practice? What would it be worth to you, to have the pioneers and leaders in the field share their secret strategies of success with you? Wouldn’t that put you on the fast track to success?

    Of course it would!

    Now, you can skip the hurdles and build the practice of your dreams. Announcing…

    The Mediation Business & Marketing Success System

    Jumpstart your success by clicking here because the world needs you

    Inside, you’ll experience a step-by-step series of revealing interviews with a hand picked group of expert national and international mediators answering all the most important questions about what it really takes to build a successful mediation practice.

    NOTE: This is not a simple e-book with notes on how to make “some money” in ADR, this is an insider’s view of mediation marketing success secrets of highly successful mediators running highly profitable mediation and ADR practices. You will discover:

  • Secret success strategies for creating a substantial income as a mediator regardless of your geographical location—whether you are living in a well-developed market like Los Angeles or an up and coming market on the East Coast or in the Midwest, or Canada or overseas
  • The most important consideration in designing your business development strategy
  • How to think about marketing so that you attract well-paying clients easily and so that you understand that marketing is not selling
  • How to identify your target market and choose a niche and why this is so important in today’s market
  • The biggest mistakes made by those who have gone before you and how to avoid making the same ones
  • What it really takes to make it as a mediator—in terms of time, money and effort
  • Strategies for accelerating the time frame from which you are a start up to making a substantial profit
  • The special skills and talents of the very best mediators in the country—you will hear what really leads to success and see which ones you can emulate or develop based on your unique abilities and situation
  • What really brings in new cases and fills your practice and what is a waste of time, energy and money
  • How to succeed regardless of whether or not you have a legal background
  • Visionary thoughts about the future of mediation and the dispute resolution field – and key insights about what you will need to do to make a go of it in the 21st Century
  • Want to hear a sample?

    “My single most effective marketing strategy and my biggest marketing disaster...”

    Click the PLAY button to hear an excerpt from my interview with Forrest S. Mosten, one of the pioneers in the field of mediation and well known for his vision to equip mediators like you with the keys necessary to succeed…

    “Some additional mistakes I made when I began working on business development...”

    Click the PLAY button to hear another excerpt from my interview with industry leader, Forrest S. Mosten…

    Now is the time to take your mediation practice to the next level, to turn your passion for helping others into a viable career with significant rewards. It’s easier than you think.

    Meet our panel of mediation business mentors

    8 World Class Mediators
    Show You the Way

    Forrest “Woody” Mosten

    Los Angeles, California

    Woody is a pioneer in the field of mediation and conflict management and has been mediating for over twenty-five years. He focuses on mediating family disputes and also practices collaborative law. He is the author of the Mediation Career Guide, and other books and numerous articles and also educates mediators throughout the country. Woody has received numerous awards and accolades…

    Teresa Wakeen

    Baltimore, Maryland & Portland, Oregon

    Teresa Wakeen has accomplished an amazing feat, she has built successful mediation practices in three different cities. She currently runs a bicoastal practice, Wakeen & Associates and has mediated over 2700 cases nationwide mediating full time since 1992. She is a vice president of the International Academy of Mediators and is a frequent speaker and educator of dispute resolution topics for many distinguished organizations.

    Tracy Allen

    Southfield, Michigan

    Tracy is the current president of the International Academy of Mediators and has been mediating and arbitrating for over 10 years. She is a “recovering” tax attorney and mediates all types of commercial cases. Tracy is also a mediation trainer and has worked and trained internationally.

    Eric Galton

    Austin, Texas

    Eric is a co-founder of the unique and state of the art, Lakeside Mediation Center, situated on Lake Austin. Eric has mediated 3400 cases over the last twenty five years and is considered a pioneer in the field. He is the author of Ripples From Peace Lake: Essays for Mediators and Peacemakers, and other books. Eric has trained thousands of mediators and has a charming southern drawl.

    Gary Furlong

    Toronto, Canada

    Gary is a mediator, corporate trainer, facilitator and consultant with Agree Dispute Resolution. Gary is the author of a wonderful book, The Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models & Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing and Resolving Conflict.

    Jeff Kichaven

    Los Angeles, California

    Jeff has been a full time mediator since 1996 and was selected as the “California Lawyer Attorney of the Year” in Alternative Dispute Resolution. As the 2005 president of the Southern California Association of Mediators, Jeff was the coauthor of the groundbreaking amicus brief in Rojas v. Superior Court.

    John Sands

    West Orange, New Jersey
    (Greater New York Metropolitan Area)

    John has been an arbitrator and mediator for over thirty years and has mediated and arbitrated over 3500 cases during that time. John is a former college professor and labor lawyer. He focuses his practice on managing conflict in the workplace which covers a broad array of situations. John has received numerous awards and accolades…

    Dr. Bernie Mayer

    Boulder, Colorado (and Ontario, Canada)

    CDR Associates

    Bernie has been a mediator and conflict manager for over twenty five years and is a visionary and innovative thinker. The author of Beyond Neutrality: Confronting the Crisis in Conflict Resolution, Dr. Mayer offers important advice about the field and how we should expand our identity and how to understand what the public wants.

    Jumpstart your success by clicking here because the world needs you

    As you can see, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort to bring you the best of the best. And chances are you’ll begin attracting more well-paying clients and referrals as soon as you learn and apply what we will teach you. Plus, you’ll gain new confidence to create the business and lifestyle of your dreams.

    To reward your prompt attention, I am including
    Three bonus interviews as my gift:

    Bonus #1

    Bonus #2

    Bonus #3

    Making Money
    as a Mediator

    Becoming a

    Winning the
    Inner Game

    Teleclass with Mediator
    Jeffrey Krivis. Mr. Krivis is the author of "How to Make Money as a Mediator"

    Teleclass with Rainmaking Consultant Ford Harding on "Becoming a Rainmaker" this class has loads of valuable information, research, and strategies for becoming a mediation or legal rainmaker.

    Kristina Haymes and Michelle Hess (from The Learning Ground) discuss success strategies for empowering your practice.

    Jumpstart your success by clicking here because the world needs you

    Ready to take your mediation practice to the next level? This success system will show you the way. In addition to the three bonus interviews, the Mediation Marketing Success System includes a Success System Action Plan to help you put all of this wisdom into practice.

    Bonus #4

    Success System Action Plan

    Knowledge is only Power when Applied

    This 60 page action plan will walk you through step-by-step creating the practice of your dreams. From building your rock solid foundaton—defining and understanding WHAT you want to create and WHY. Then through applying the HOW—the successful business building strategies of the experts.

    This Action Plan is pure gold. If you commit and put in the effort you will be well on your way to creating a rewarding practice you love.

    Jumpstart your success by clicking here because the world needs you

    Okay, so what's the cost for this
    incredible Success System?

    Think about this, on average just one new mediation case would be worth $1,500 to you, depending upon your hourly rate and the complexity of the case. The value of this system is easily worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you over the course of the next few years of your career as you build your dream practice. Further, it's taken me over 6 months and thousands of dollars to create this success system.

    Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself. I am so sure that you will get results from this system, that I am offering a no strings attached 30 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose… and a thriving practice in a rewarding field to gain.

    There are two levels of participation:

    Mediation Business & Marketing Success System

    Digital Edition


    Expert Interviews

    9 Hours of interviews from our panel of experts on MP3.


    Success System Action Plan

    PDF Workbook

    Plus These Exclusive Bonuses:


    Bonus Interviews

    MP3 format


    Interview Transcripts

    PDF format

    Digital Edition $99

    Please allow 24-48 Hours for email delivery of the Digital Edition.

    CD Edition


    Expert Interviews

    9 Hours of interviews from our panel of experts on CDs.


    Success System Action Plan

    Spiral Bound Workbook

    Plus These Exclusive Bonuses:


    Bonus Interviews

    MP3 format


    Interview Transcripts

    PDF format

    CD Edition $149

    Please allow 5-7 Days for delivery of the CD Edition.

    YOUR SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED. Purchase the MBMSS today and if after you've listened to all the audio interviews and free bonuses you are not completely satisfied with the results you're getting, return it within 30 days of your purchase and I will promptly and cheerfully refund your money.

    Imagine how much time you’d have to spend meeting with each of these people, reading their books, figuring out what questions to ask… Even if you could get them to agree to meet you, you’d probably end up spending a small fortune in consulting fees.

    But why would you want to when I’ve already done everything for you?

    You’re just one click away from the information and guidance you need to make a viable, substantial income. And if you take action now, you’ll get everything at the special, pre-release savings.

    Thank you for your time and attention.

    Your partner in peace,

    Kristina Haymes

    P.S. If you’ve decided not to purchase my course, click here.

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